What is Pactful?

Pactful® is a patent pending social good innovation tool and curriculum used globally by teenagers and teachers who want to build a better world. Pactful’s entirely virtual solution inspires students to actively engage in the design thinking process and develop an innovator’s mindset to create solutions aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Why We Created Pactful

Research shows your chances of becoming an innovator and inventor depends on several variables:

  • Where you live
  • Your race
  • Your gender
  • Your socioeconomic level

If you are not wealthy, white, rich, or a male who lives in one of the five major US cities where the majority of patents are developed, you are up to ten times less likely to become an inventor.

Teens and teachers working together to build a better world

How Pactful Works

Pactful teaches teenagers how to become social good innovators in order to help build a better world. Starting at the Innovator’s Guide, students are introduced to the innovator’s mindset, the 17 UN Global Goals (or SDGs), and design thinking.

Students then form teams and identify a local or global problem that feels relevant to them. Teams work through a three-phase design thinking curriculum—Understand, Ideate, and Prototype—to create a solution to their identified problem. During each phase, teams:

  • Explore – learn about the phase and how it relates to their project
  • Do – complete activities
  • Document – submit their activities to their teacher for review and feedback

Once completed, teams will develop a Pitch to share their solution with a larger audience. Using the Showcase feature, teams can see other projects from other classes and how they are aligned to the Global Goals.

UN 17 Global Goals
Diagram of Pactful's Design Thinking Phases and a Pitch phase with arrows to suggest that there's no specific order

Who is Pactful for?

  • Educators who are interested in design thinking and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development
  • Students who are 13 years and older
  • G Suite Users (or users with a Google Account)
  • Users with access to YouTube (for content)
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