How It Works

The Social Good Innovation Process

A list of the 17 UN Sustainable Goals

Students start by learning about and choosing one of the 17 Global Goals

A screenshot of the interface to create a team and project in Pactful

Students create their team, invite team members and name their project

Three phases of design thinking used in Pactful: understand, ideate and prototype

Teams use three phases of design thinking to understand their problem, and ideate and prototype a solution

A screenshot showing how students can explore, do, and document at each phase of design thinking

There are videos and activities for each phase of design thinking, and teachers leave feedback on teams’ work

A screenshot showing a megaphone with idea bubbles coming off it saying, cool, great, and thumbs up

Students create a pitch to share their story and final project solution with others

A project showcase showing tiles that include names of projects, team name, the global goal, and progress indicators

A filterable Showcase of all projects shares work with the community

A screenshot of the innovator's guide, including "getting started," "global goals" and "resources"

The Innovator’s Guide will help you get started