Who can use Pactful?
Pactful™ is currently designed for teachers and students, ages 13+. To participate in beta testing, you need Google educational accounts and the ability to view YouTube videos.

Does it cost anything?
No, Pactful™ is funded through donors and there are no plans at this time to charge for usage.

How many students can I invite?
During beta testing, we recommend limiting class sizes to 30 or fewer.

How many classes can I create?
During beta testing, teachers are limited to trialing with one class.

Why are there only three phases of design thinking? Aren’t there 4/5/6 phases?
There are many different models used in design thinking. To simplify the process, we have combined phases. For example prototype & test is now just “Prototype.” In each phase, you’ll find a range of activities to ensure students can experience the full design thinking process.

How does the teacher track team progress?
You will see icons showing a team’s overall progress, and by clicking on team projects, you can also view documentation and the history of feedback the teacher may have left for the team as they submitted documents at each stage. Students can submit any files in Google Drive, including docs, drawings, photos, or videos as evidence of their work.