Pactful has a robust curriculum designed to support teenagers learning how to become social good innovators.

The curriculum provides over 30 activities aligned to:

  • Design thinking phases (Understand, Ideate, Prototype, and Pitch)
  • Aligned to the Global Goals
Screen capture of Innovator's Guide

The Innovator’s Guide introduces several key concepts, including:

  • What is Social Good Innovation
  • What is Design Thinking
  • What are the Global Goals
  • How Pactful works
Teacher's Guide

The Teacher’s Guide is available in the resources section of the innovator’s guide and provides additional guidance for teachers, including:

  • Understanding Pactful
  • How Pactufl works for teachers
  • Additional guidance for activities
Recommended Readings for the Sustainable Development Goals

Our list of Recommended Readings include books aligned to the Global Goals and and Design Thinking. This list of books is provided by Mary Meier, Market Business Development Manager at Barnes & Noble.

Please contact Mary ( or 619-840-1897) for special book discounts.