Pactful Teacher Ambassador Program

Pactful Teacher Ambassadors are experienced educators of teens who champion design thinking and social good innovation through participation in the Pactful community.

Daina Yousif Weber has been a public school English and AVID educator in San Diego, California, for almost nine years. Prior to moving into public education, Daina was the Director of Education of a Sylvan Learning Center in the Bay Area serving students in the Contra Costa and Berkeley School Districts. She recently earned a Master’s degree in School Leadership and is also a Teacher Leader for the California Global Education Project’s Global Dialogue program. Daina is committed to helping connect students to opportunities and resources that allow them to evolve into their greatest selves. Pactful, which encompasses design thinking and the sustainable development goals, has been a great resource for students as they grow their awareness and contributions to the world around them.

Photograph of Daina Yousif Weber
Daina Yousif Weber
Teacher Leader (ELA/AVID), Kearny, School of Biomedical Science and Technology
Photograph of Stephen Cerruti
Stephen Cerruti
Lead of Computer Science and Design Thinking/Technology Manager, e3 Civic High

Stephen Cerruti is the lead of Computer Science and Design Thinking at e3 Civic High, a public charter high school serving scholars in downtown San Diego, California. He transitioned into the role of learning facilitator after a career as a software engineer where he created solutions in fields from satellite control to online learning in the United States as well as Singapore, Korea and Turkey. After being introduced to design thinking at e3 Civic High, he mentored a high school team that placed first D4SD in 2018. Two of his teams from e3 Civic High were also recognized in 2020. Mr. Cerruti has been active in the D4SD Educators Alliance, was a member of the Jacobs Center for Innovation in Education Pactful Advisory board and is a Project Invent Fellow. Mr. Cerruti leads the 9th and 10th grade Design Thinking classes and is the lead for presenting e3 Civic High’s 2021 Exhibition of Learning following having converted the 2020 Exhibition of Learning into a virtual event with over 40 student presentations given to community members and subject matter experts.

Eric Nielsen is a 25 year veteran of San Diego City Schools. He is a two-time teacher of the year, holds multiple credentials and has taught every grade level from 2nd through 12th. Nielsen currently teaches 16 sections at an atypical school, Mount Everest Academy, where he just found out that two students he mentors were accepted to MIT and the Yale School of Music. Nielsen has a Master’s in Education with a concentration in technology. He is a visiting professor at San Diego State University teaching Restorative Practices to teaching credential candidates. Nielsen has run his own technology company since the late 90’s, recorded 25 albums with numerous bands, and champions marginalized communities through his work in numerous social justice projects. He is good at a lot of different things and the master of none.

Photograph of Eric Nielsen
Eric Nielson
Teacher, Mt. Everest Academy
Photograh of Simi Basu
Simi Basu
Computer Science Instructor, Cybersecurity Coach and Instructional Coach, STEM School Highlands Ranch

Simi Basu, M.Sc (IT), MBA (IT), is an Enhancement Program Specialist, Computer science teacher, Cyber Security coach, and Instructional Coach at STEM School Highlands Ranch, Colorado. She is passionate about problem-based learning, connections, and technology. Prior to teaching, Simi worked with IBM and other software companies for 13 years on innovative and cutting-edge technologies, experience which helps her inspire kids to reach further than they think they can and prepare them for jobs that don’t exist yet. She prefers challenging students with real-world projects and motivating them to try new things and share new ideas, creating curricula that challenges their minds and engages them to their full potential.

Simi is a SCRUM master and also part of WiCys and Women in STEM organizations and brings her talent and zeal to the classroom and school, having facilitated Photo Battle Contests, Gaming Development Club, Computer Science Honor Society, Coding competitions, eCybermission, and Cyberpatriot Competitions where students learn defensive hacking. She has also been invited as a guest speaker for Women conferences in London and across the U.S. and is passionate to encourage more women in IT and Computer Science/STEM fields. Simi constantly collaborate globally and is always looking for opportunities to help children in education.

Mr. Hausman is an obsessively curious person who continues to ask how and why. In addition to being a father, husband, teacher, STEM advisor, hiker, biker, reader, gamer, poet, he hopes to one day see all the birds in the world. His wife would like him to get their kids through college first.

Photograph of James Hausman
James Hausman
Secondary English Teacher, Health Careers Club/FTC/STEAM/TSA Advisor, South Fayette HS